«UMC» LLC monthly consume the following types of goods and materials, according to any type of product, you can send an offer by filling out the form below or contact the procurement department +7 (3519) 58-00-20.

  • Tools and equipment including a chain saw, reducers of carbon dioxide and propane, gearboxes Oxygen high pressure, roulette, metal shears hand shears, a mechanical cleaner, Thickness, incisors on deburrer, incisors on trimming, Cutters on internal deburrer, cutting d Disc = 125 mm x 2 mm, 230 mm grinding wheels, Circles cutting 230mm, Makita cutting wheels 330 mm, and more.
  • Packaging materials including pallets, obruchka, tags and more.
  • Special clothing and equipment, including overalls, dust masks, cotton suit on the list Cartridges replacement for protection against solvent vapors to respirators, Earplugs blue helmets (orange), Chaps haykron blue, gloves, mittens tarpaulin gauntlets cloth, Goggles, Glasses safety for gas cutting, a canvas apron, sleeves, canvas, steam and much more
    Wood materials including timber, board, etc.
  • Metalware: wire, electrodes, etc.
  • Chemistry: Floor paint, paint for the floor (blue) primer for metal gray, nitro paint (white), etc.