труба электросварная 3

Steel pipe, including: electric welding pipes according to GOST 3262-75, GOST 10704-91 pipe profile, and in accordance with GOST 13663-86.

ГОСТ 3262ГОСТ 10704ГОСТ 8645ГОСТ 8639
Steel pipes for water and gas GOST 3262-75
Steel electric GOST 10704-91 made according to the requirements of GOST 10705-80 according
Rectangular Pipe GOST 8645-68 produced according to the technical requirements of GOST 13663-86
Square pipe GOST 8639-82 produced according to the technical requirements of GOST 13663-86
лента меллическая, лента стальная, лента оцинкованная, лента холоднокатаная

Steel strip (straps), including strap Steel cold rolled, hot-rolled and galvanized steel strap.

ГОСТ 14918ГОСТ 52246 ГОСТ 503 ГОСТ 19851
The tape of galvanized coils in accordance with GOST 14918-80
The tape of galvanized coils in accordance with GOST R 52246-2004
Strip cut from cold-rolled GOST 503-81
Strip cut from cold rolled 19851-74
лента упаковочная, лента для упаковки, стальная упаковочная лентаProducts for packagingPackaging strap, including: packing strap in accordance with GOST 3560-73 and the tape packing high-strength brand UMC with high mechanical characteristics of its own technology. Packaging equipment and tools.

Strap GOSTStrap UMCHand ToolAutomatic Tool
Packing strap according to GOST 3560-73. In addition to this tape «UMC», as a packaging material, can produce and deliver the cuted strap according to GOST-19851, and cold-rolled strap of low-carbon steel according to GOST 503-81.
Packaging steel strap brand UMC is produced according to TU 123111-011-94835001-2013. The strap has a high accuracy of geometric dimensions, the edge of the strap processed from burrs. The strap can be dyed in black, gray and other colors, printed on the surface of a logo or inscription.
Spanners, castle and scissors tool for working with “Signode” steel packaging from the leading manufacturer of packaging equipment
Cordless and pneumatic tools for the company Signode steel strapping
профиль для строительства 03Profile for construction, including the front profile, the profile reinforcement for plastic windows and profiles for drywall and interior finishing.
Profile for drywallProfile reinforcingProfile frontShaped tubes
Profile for plasterboard ceiling, rack and a guide
Profile of reinforcing various PVC systems
Profile front W, S, Z, and L-shaped galvanized steel
Shaped tubes electric closed square and rectangular