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Cold-rolled strip from carbon structural steel GOST 2284-79

Price:от 0 $/per ton
Our company produces CR steel strip as per GOST 2284-79 “Rolled strip from carbon structural steel. Specifications”. Strip is produced according to the standard requirements at slitting lines No1. and No.2 . As agreed with the customer strip size can be with tolerance from GOST 2284-79 standards in a range of 0.25-3.00mm thickness and 9-1500mm width *- The price is indicated only for small-scale wholesale and Ex-Works shipping( minimum value – 1 ton, loading characteristics are presented at “Packing” tab). Express shipping of galvanized strip is possible only for positions presented at “In stock” tab. The price for strip shipped with carload and FTL norms is adjusted individually
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Cold-rolled steel strip is classified:

1) According to manufacturing accuracy:

1.1 Width accuracy:
• W – extra width accuracy grade;
• common width accuracy grade.

1.2 Thickness accuracy:
• B – high thickness accuracy grade;
• T – extra thickness accuracy grade.

2) According to surface treatment:

2.1 Hardened
• NP – improved hardened quality;
• N – normal hardened quality.
2.2 Annealed:
• OP – improved annealed quality;
• normal annealed quality.

3) According to surface type:
• Dark;
• Bright;
• Bright with annealing color.

4) According to permissible depth of decarburized layer:
• First group;
• Second group.

Integrated Management System

качественные трубы и ленты стальные сертификат The company has developed and implemented an integrated management system (IMS), confirmed by the compliance certificate. The certificate confirms that CR strip GOST 2284-79 is produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), GOST R 54934-2012 (OHSAS 18001:2007), GOST (ISO 14001:2004).

CR steel strip as per GOST 2284-79 is produced at the slitting line No1. of steel strip shop and at the slitting line No.2 of steel profile shop.

Testing methods

Tests are carried out at supplier’s place on samples in accordance with the following table:

NTesting methodTesting standards
1Surface roughness testGOST 2789
2Tension testGOST 11701-84
3Bending testGOST 14019
4Decarburization testGOST 1763
5Hardness testGOST 9013 or GOST 2999
6Chemical analysisGOST 22536.0 – GOST 22536.12, GOST 27809

Other nondestructive and destructive tests can be carried out on customer’s requirement.

Surface quality.

Bright strip can be of different shades of zinc color. Exact color of dark strip is not regulated. Roughness quality of bright strip is not more than 1,25 Ra.

Blister, scale, corrosion, tears, rolled-in particles and other defects are not allowed.


UMC LLC produces CR steel strip as per GOST 2284-79 of following sizes:

Strip thickness, mmStrip width, mmInner coil diameter, mmOuter coil diameter, mm
0,25 – 3,010: 12; 13: 14; 15; 16 … 430; 440; 450; 465300, 500, 600not more 1500
0,25 – 2,038; 40; 42; 45; 48; 50 … 430; 440; 450; 465500, 600not more 1970

As may be agreed, strips can be produced of sizes not mentioned in GOST 16523-97, ranging from 0,25 to 3,0 thickness and from 9 to 1500 width.

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties of CR strip GOST 2284-79 depend on the material state.

Steel gradesUltimate tensile strength σ в, N/mm 2 (kgf / mm 2 )Relative extension δ4, %, not less, with rolled thickness
Annealed tapeHigh quality annealed tape (OP)Hard-worked tape
15; 15ps; 20; 20ps310-490
30; 35390-640
40; 45440-690
50; 55440-740

Types of packing

Packing of finished products is carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST 7566-94, GOST 503-81 and schemes agreed with customer on. According to the normative document a strip coil shall be strapped to a pallet at least in three positions. For corrosion protection strip is coated with a layer of inhibited grease. The delivery of strips without the grease can be agreed with customer individually. Packing can be done both on vertical and horizontal axis

Vertical axis packing

схема упаковки стальной ленты (вертикальная ось) 1Coils from slitting line, wound on a coiler with plastic or metal strap, are laid on a wooden pallet. If a strip width is less than 50 mm, there shall be at least one strapping through an inner coil diameter, packaging an inner end of the strip.

Strip coils with wooden fillers between are put together in piles. Strips wound on single coilers can be laid without fillers between the coils.

In accordance with the scheme strips are wrapped in packing paper or film and strapped to a pallet by 4 packaging steel straps. To prevent from frontal surface deformation plastic pallets are put under packaging seals. Depending on a packing scheme products can be packed in paper or metal box.

Horizontal axis packing

Required number of CR strip coils with marking tags are laid on a pallet and strapped to each other by one or two radial packaging steel straps (through inner diameter).

Strip coils are set with wooden fillers. Strips wound on single coilers can be set without fillers between the coils.

In accordance with the scheme strips are wrapped in packing paper and strapped to a pallet by 2 and, not less than 4 on forming, radial packaging steel straps.
схема упаковки стальной ленты (горизонтальная ось)


In order to ensure more efficient cutting of hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils, steel strip (strip) is produced. This type of product is obtained in two ways: by rolling or longitudinal cutting of sheet steel coils. The production of cold-rolled strip is based mainly on cutting, since the price for this type of strip is lower and there are much more people who want to buy it. Cold-rolled strip according to GOST can be produced cold-worked, soft, normal precision, etc. The price for the strip is determined based on the market value for hot and cold rolled steel.

Application area

Hot rolled and cold rolled steel strip is used in the following areas:
Hot-rolled strip is used for the production of pipes – electric-welded and shaped. The clamping tape used for pipe ties is also made of strip.
Steel tape is actively used for the production of construction products. In particular, strip for profile, production of shaped pipes + from strip
Electrical steel tape for cable armouring can be supplied galvanized, non-galvanized, normal or high precision.
Spring cold-rolled strip produced by UMK is used in the production of springs and tools. Softer roll strip (flexible steel strip) is used for stamping machine and equipment parts.
The production of cold-rolled strip is largely focused on the production of packaging, strapping and banding materials. Strapping with steel strap is carried out with special equipment and tools, which you can buy in our company (for more details, see “Packing tool”).