Manufacturing shop floorStrip thickness,
Strip width,
Slitting line No.10,3 – 3,036 – 1500
Slitting line No.20,3 – 2,09 – 650

Color-coated steel strip from CR coils as per GOST R 52146-2003.

Price: 0 $/per ton
Our company produces color-coated steel strip as per GOST R 52146-2003 “Cold rolled and cold rolled hot-galvanized sheet with polymer coating. Specifications”. Strip of 36-1500mm width is produced at Slitting line No.1 of steel strip shop, strip of 9-650mm width is produced at Slitting line No.2 of steel profile shop. *- Color-coated strip is produced of coils shipped to UMC LLC from the manufacturer. The minimal shipment batch is not less than 5 tones (with coil weighing – 5-15 tones). Express shipping of strip is possible only for positions presented at “In stock” tab. The price for strip shipped with carload and FTL norms is adjusted individually.
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Strip types

Color-coated steel strip is classified:

1) According to base material:
• Cold-rolled steel strip;
• Cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized strip.

2) According to coating type:
• ПЗП – CR strip with plastisol coating;
• ЛКП – CR strip with color coating;
• ПЗПОЦ – Galvanized strip with plastisol coating;
• ЛКПОЦ – Galvanized strip with color coating.

3) By coating method:
• One-sided;
• Double-sided.

4) According to drawing ability of base steel:
• Н – normal drawing;
• Г – deep drawing;
• ВГ – extra deep drawing;
• СП – complex drawing.

5) According to manufacturing accuracy of base steel:
• БТ – normal accuracy;
• АТ – high accuracy.

6) According to flatness:
• ПН – common flatness;
• ПУ – Improved flatness;
• ПВ – high flatness.

7) According to edge furnishing:
• О – cut edges;
• НО – mill edges.

8) According to coating quality:
• 1st class;
• 2nd class.

Steel grades

Color-coated steel strip is produced coils with chemical composition as per the following normative documents:
• GOST 380-2005 – “Common quality carbon steel. Grades”;
• GOST 1050-2013 – “Metal products from no-alloyed structural quality and special steels. General specification”;
• GOST 9045-80 – “Cold-rolled thin sheets of low-carbon steel for cold stamping. Specifications”;
• GOST 14918-80 – “Continuously galvanized sheet steel. Specifications.”

Integrated Management System

качественные трубы и ленты стальные сертификат Color-coated steel strip GOST R 52146-2003 is produced at the slitting line No1. of steel strip shop and at the slitting line No.2 of steel profile shop.
The company has developed and implemented an integrated management system (IMS), confirmed by the compliance certificate. The certificate confirms that strip is produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), GOST R 54934-2012 (OHSAS 18001:2007), GOST (ISO 14001:2004).

Surface quality

Materials used for color-coated strip production are presented at “Coating types” tab. Certain color, number of coating layers and possibility of using other paint materials not presented at “Coating types” tab can be agreed individually. Specified requirements to strip appearance depend on class and type of coating presented in the table:

Coating classCoating typeAppearance characteristics of strip front side
1ЛКП, ЛКПОЦ1. Strip surface must be sole-colored, solid, without defects revealing base steel.
2. Crystallization pattern on ЛКПОЦ strip must not be visually seen.
3. Defects of no more than 3 mm are allowed at the distance of at least 5 mm from strip edge.
1ПЗП, ПЗПОЦ1. Strip surface must be solid, with or without embossing, without defects revealing base steel.
2. Defects of no more than 3 mm are allowed at the distance of at least 5 mm from edge.
3. Particular areas with embossing distortion are allowed.
2ЛКП, ЛКПОЦ, ПЗП, ПЗПОЦIn addition to the defects of 1st class are also allowed following defects: bits, shagreen, color variation, prints, pinches, areas of different spangle grade and scratches not revealing base steel. On customer’s agreement other defects may be allowed. Surface defects must be at distance of at least 10 mm from strip edge.

Testing methods

Testing methods and quality characteristics of two-layer coating of strip front side are regulated in accordance with GOST R 52146-2003 and correspond to the following values:

Surface quality characteristicCharacteristic value for color coatingCharacteristic value for plastisol coating Testing method
1Adhesion, score00Annex Г GOST R 52146-2003
2Backfire strength, J5-1010-15Annex Д GOST R 52146-2003
3Erikson cupping strength, mmmin. 6min. 6Annex Е GOST R 52146-2003
4180 bending strength max. 3Tmax. 3TAnnex Ж GOST R 52146-2003
5Coating hardnessF-H-2HF-HAnnex И GOST R 52146-2003
6Color shade variationmax. 1max. 1Annex К GOST R 52146-2003
7Spangle10-8010-60Annex Л GOST 52146-2003


UMC LLC produces color-coated steel strip GOST R 52146-2003 of following sizes:

Strip thickness, mmStrip width, mmInner coil diameter, mmOuter coil diameter, mm
0,25 – 2,09 – 36300, 500, 6001500
0,25 – 3,036 – 650300, 500, 6001970
0,25 – 3,0650 – 1500500, 6001970

On customer’s requirements color-coated steel strip GOST R 52146-2003 can be produced in accordance with CR strips size ranges as per GOST 503-81 and GOST 19904-90.

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties of CR color-coated steel strip:

1. With СВ and ВГ drawing ability:

Strip typeTensile strength σв, N/mm2Percentage of elongation
δ t %, min. (for L=4В0)
Yield tensile point σt, N/mm2, max.Hardness, max. (for strip width 0,8-1,7 mm)
СВ250-380 (26-39)32-40205 (21)53
ВГ250-390 (26-40)26-30

2. With Г and Н drawing ability:

Tensile strength group Tensile strength σв, N/mm2 (kgf/mm2)Percentage of elongation δ45 for strap 3-4 мм), %. not less than
up to 2mm inc.from above 2mm
К260В260-380 (27-39)2629
К270В270-410 (28-42)2528
К310В310-440 (32-45)2427
К330В330-460 (34-47)2425
К350В350-500 (36-51)2324

Mechanical properties of galvanized color-coated steel strip:

1. 1. With СВ drawing ability:.

Strip typeTensile strength σв, N/mm2 Percentage of elongation
δt %, min. (for L=4В0)
Yield tensile point σт, N/mm2, max.Hardness, max. (for strip width 0,8-1,7 mm)
СВ250-380 (26-39)32-40205 (21)53

2. With Г, Н and ВГ drawing ability:

Drawing abilityTensile strength σв, МПаPercentage of elongation δ4, %, not less than, with L0 = 80mm, strap width, mm
up to 0,7 mmfrom above 0,7 to 1,5 mm
from above 1,5 to 2,0 mmfrom above 2,0 mm

Types of packing

Packing and marking of CR and galvanized color-coated strip GOST R 52146-2003 are carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST 7566-94, GOST 503-81 and schemes agreed with customer on. On customer’s request to strip packing in accordance with GOST 503-81, bottom coil is wrapped in polypropylene film. Coils for railway shipment shall be packed in metal boxes in accordance with GOST 503-81. Packing can be done both on vertical and horizontal axis.

Vertical axis packing

схема упаковки стальной ленты (вертикальная ось) 1Coils from slitting line, wound on a coiler with plastic or metal strap, are laid on a wooden pallet. If a strip width is less than 50 mm, there shall be at least one strapping through an inner coil diameter, packaging an inner end of the strip.

Strip coils with wooden fillers between are put together in piles. Strips wound on single coilers can be laid without fillers between the coils.

In accordance with the scheme strips are wrapped in packing paper or film and strapped to a pallet by 4 packaging steel straps. To prevent from frontal surface deformation plastic pallets are put under packaging seals. Depending on a packing scheme products can be packed in paper or metal box.

Horizontal axis packing

Required number of strip coils with marking tags are laid on a pallet and strapped to each other by one or two radial packaging steel straps (through inner diameter).

Strip coils are set with wooden fillers. Strips wound on single coilers can be set without fillers between the coils.

In accordance with the scheme strips are wrapped in packing paper and strapped to a pallet by 2, and not less than 4 on forming, radial packaging steel straps.
схема упаковки стальной ленты (горизонтальная ось)

Types of coating used for color-coated strip production:

Coating typeClassFixed coating thickness, µМCoating thickness range, µМ
Polyvinylchloride plastisolPVS(P)100; 20040-200
Polyvinylidene fluoridePVDF2520-60
Polyurethane polyamidePUR-PA2510-50
Acryl siliconeAY-SI2525
Polyether siliconeSP-SI2515-40
Polyether polyamideSP-PA2515-50