Strap typeTensile strength, σв, N/mm2 (kgf/mm2), minPercentage of elongation δt, min. ( L=4В0)
Standard (UMC)750-9702-6
Patentized (UMC HE)800-9508-10
Extra-strength patentized (UMC USLМ)12007

UMC packaging strap (TU123111-011-94835001 -2013)

Price:от 0 $/per ton
Our company produces UMC packaging steel strap by own technology in accordance with technical specification TU 123111–011–94835001–2013. The production is carried out at modern equipment, which has no parallel in Russia and CIS countries. * – The price is indicated only for small-scale wholesale and Ex-Works shipping( minimum value – 1 ton, loading characteristics are presented at “Packing” tab). Express shipping of packaging strap is possible only for positions presented at “In stock” tab. The price for strap shipped with carload and FTL norms is adjusted individually.
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Steel grades

UMC packaging steel strap is produced in accordance with specification TU 123111–011–94835001–2013 from carbon steel as per:

– GOST 380-2005 – «Common quality carbon steel. Grades».
– GOST 1050-2013 – «Metal products from non-alloyed structural high-quality and special steels. General specification».
– GOST 14637-89 – «Rolled plate from carbon steel of general quality. Specifications».
Strap can be also produced from other steel grades (SAE1015, SAE1022, SAE1024 etc.) on condition that they meet proclaimed requirements according to mechanical properties.

Surface finishing

According to surface finishing strap can be:
– without surface finishing (С);
– heat-treated (О);
– painted (К);
– with protective wax coating (В);
– with logo or print text (Л).

Compliance certificate

сертификат, лента упаковочная, лента упаковочная высокопрочнаяProduction of UMC packaging steel strap is carried out on up-to-date equipment of steel strapping mill, including slitting line, heat treatment furnace, painting, waxing and winding sections. The quality of product is confirmed by technical specification TU 123111–011–94835001–2013, and various certificates given to UMC LLC by leading consumers of this product.

Integrated Management System

качественные трубы и ленты стальные сертификатThe company has developed and implemented an integrated management system (IMS), confirmed by the compliance certificate. The certificate confirms that UMC steel strapping is produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), GOST R 54934-2012 (OHSAS 18001:2007), GOST (ISO 14001:2004).

Testing methods

Tensile test for determination of tensile strength and elongation is carried out in accordance with GOST 11701-84 requirements on samples of the width of strap and base length of 100 mm.

On customer’s request corrosion resistance and surface lifetime tests can be periodically performed at independent laboratories according to GOST 9.407-84 and GOST 9.401-91.

Manufacturer’s warranty

UMC LLC guarantees compliance with the requirements of TU 123111–011–94835001–2013 within 6 months subject to all the rules of transportation and storage and usage in non-aggressive chemical environment.


Dimensions of widely-used UMC-type steel strappings:

TypeWidth, mmThicknessMaximum breaking strength, nit less than, N
UMC 75012,70,54762,50
UMC 80019,10,812224

Sizes not presented at the table can be agreed individually.


Width and thickness tolerances meet the following requirements:

Thickness, mmStrap thickness tolerance, mm
normal precisionextended precision
0,4 ±0,04 ±0,035
0,5 ±0,05
0,6 ±0,06
0,7 ±0,07 ±0,04
0,8 ±0,08
0,9 ±0,09
1,0 ±0,10
1,1 ±0,11
1,2 ±0,15 ±0,05
1,3 ±0,15

Width, mmStrap width tolerance, mm
normal precisionextended precision
12,7 ±0,5 ±0,2

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties and foreign analogues of UMC packaging steel strap:

Type/StandardAnalogues Tensile strength σв, N/mm2 (kgf/mm2), not less thanPercentage of elongation δ5, %, not less than
GOST 3560-73 (hardened)540
UMC 7507502
UMC 8008004
UMC 9259253
UMC 970TITAN Automatenband9706
UMC 800 HESignode Appex +, TITAN Automatenband80010
UMC 950 HESignode Magnus, TITAN Lashing Band, TITAN Megaband 9508
UMC 1200 USLMSignode USLM, TITAN Super Mega12008

Packing methods
схема упаковки лены UMC

UMC packaging steel strap is produced in coils. The weight of coil put on a wooden pallet depends on winding type:

– ribbon (ОР) – narrow single-row coils, the width of coil is equal to the strap width in coil. Max. coil weight is 50 kg. Coils are placed on wooden pallets. Total weight is up to 1 tn;

– oscillated (МР) – multiple-row coils, the width of coil is up to 64mm. Max. coil weight is 50 kg. Coils are placed on wooden pallets. Total weight is up to 1 tn;

– “jumbo” (ДР) – multiple-row coils, the width of coil is up to 194mm. Coil weight is 200-600 kg. Total weight of pallet with coils is up to 2 tones.
On customer’s agreement inner coil diameter can be 306, 406 or 506 mm.

Packaging material

Single and multiple-row coils laid on a wooden pallet shall be strapped in six positions with radial steel straps and adhesive tape. At the customer’s request the coils are delivered to the consumer in a cardboard box.

Multiple-row Jumbo coils are shipped on one wooden pallet in 2, 3 or 4 coils. Coils are packed with steel strap and adhesive tape. On customer’s request jumbo coils packaging could be done using wooden bars.

On customer’s request lower coil may be wrapped in polypropylene film or paper.


Упаковочная лента предназначена для обвязки, упаковки, пакетирования, крепления продукции, соединения в моноблоки отдельных товарных единиц с целью исключения повреждения и порчи товара при доставке потребителю. Наиболее распространенные виды упаковочных лент – полиэстеровая (лента ПЭТ), полипропиленовая (П/П лента) и металлическая. Упаковочные материалы из метала обеспечивают повышенные прочностные характеристики и незаменима при перевозке крупногабаритных грузов. Цена и качество стальной ленты зависит от требований, предъявляемых к временному сопротивлению разрыву и степени защиты от коррозии.

Лента стальная упаковочная предназначена для обвязки, для поддонов, упаковки, пакетирования, крепления крупногабаритной продукции, соединения в моноблоки отдельных единиц с целью исключения повреждения и порчи товара при доставке потребителю. Лента упаковочная гост 3560-73 подходит для автоматической и ручной упаковки, используется в ме­таллургической, деревообрабатывающей и других отраслях промышленности.