Types and standarts of steel strapping

«UMC» LLC produces the following types of packaging steel strap:

  • Packaging steel strap GOST 3560-73%;
  • Steel strap GOST 503-81;
  • Steel strap according to GOST 19851;
  • High-strength strap UMC brand.

Packaging tape production UMC has mechanical properties given in the table.

Packaging steel strap standardsBrand or type of strapGrade of steelTensile strength σв, Н/mm2 Elongation δ, %, not less than
TC 123111-011-94835001-2013UMC750-not less than 7502
UMC800-not less than 8004
UMC925-not less than 9253
UMC970-not less than 9706
GOST 3560SoftGOST 1050, GOST 380, GOST 16523not less than 25017
Half cold-worked340-3707
GOST 503-81Extra soft08kp, 08ps, 10kp270-39023-26
Soft08kp, 08ps, 08, 10 kPa, 10ps310-44017-19
Half cold-worked370-5107-9
Cold-worked440-590до 4
Extra cold-workednot less than 540-
K270V08пс, 08, 10kp, 10ps, 10270-41025
OK300Vst1, st2300-48024
K310V15kp, 15ps310-44024
K330V15, 20kp330-46024
K350V20ps, 20350-50023
OK370VSt3ps, St3sp370-53022
K390V25, 30390-59020
OK400VSt4, St5ps, St5sp400-68019
K490V35, 40, 45, 50490-79013
VG08kp, 08ps250-39026-30

More detailed characteristics of high strength packing strap «UMC» production is presented in “Packaging strap UMC. Tapes steel packaging GOST is in section Packaging strap“.