Combined packaging tool for steel strap

Combined tool is a tool for steel strap combines in one unit the tensioning tool, the castle and metal cutting shears.
Combination tool for steel belts saves time and increases tool change speed packaging operations. Our company offers a combined tool for packaging steel strapping for manual and pneumatic and for packing equipment.

комбинированный инструмент 1.170Packing Combined Manual tool for steel strap performed two types of cluster locks and grooved. Manual combinde tool for packaging cassette locks and submission of strap presents a model of the series AL, AM, and AH. Manual combination tool for grooved strap SCM models and SCMH. This allows you to save on the purchase of locks, eliminated breaks for refueling seals, as well as decreasing the number of operations for packing cargo with stell strap.

Reference ModelСodeStrap width, mmStrap thickness, mmType of strapType of connectionWeight, kg
GOST 3560-73,
GOST 19851-74,
GOST 503-81
AL-1202330012,70,43-0,51dual 3,6
AM-5802322015,90,43-0,58dual 6,4
AM-34023200190,43-0,64double, edge up6,4
AH-11401570031,80,43-0,89double, edge up11,3

комбинированный инструмент 2.170Combined pneumatic tool for sealing of stell strap and PRH series PNSC used with push locks on the shapeless packages. Models in this series produce pneumatic tension, forming connections and cutting the strap. Pneumatic locking feeding tape runs on compressed air, quickly and without any effort on the part of the operator pulls, cuts and forms a connection tape. Pneumatic grooved combination tool for packaging is produced under series – SLP and SPC.

Reference ModelСodeStrap width mmStrap thickness, mmType of strapType of connectionWeight, kg
PNSC 2-1242249512,70,43-0,58UMCsingle reverse tooth4,3
PNSC 2-5842249615,90,43-0,58UMC 4,3
PNSC 2-34422497190,43-0,64UMC 4,3
PRHM-34306700190,64-0,79UMC 7,3
PRHR-10042422525,40,64-0,89UMC 15,4
PRHR-11442357031,80,64-0,89UMC 15,4
AMP 1-12, 1-34, 1-58024780, 024770, 02476012,7-190,51-0,64UMC double tooth10
AHP-34, AHP 2-114023700, 01565019-31,80,64-0,89UMC 18,1
SLP-34422360190,43-0,64UMC 3 wedges 6,4
SPC-11442312531,80,64-0,79UMC 3 wedges 16,8

Combined tool for packaging steelstrap are not presented in the tables supplied according to the catalog.