Pneumatic tools for the packing by steel tape

Pneumatic packing tool allows let you speed up the packing process. This pneumatic tool for packaging steel strap can perform both functions separate tensioning and locking tools, and combine them with the same equipment – a combined packaging tool for steel strap.

пневматический инструмент 1.170Pneumatic tensioning tool is most effective when linked bulky or sealing packages. Moreover, thanks to the air pressure regulator, it provides uniformity and accuracy of tension. Any packaging pneumatic tool except WP-2, has unlimited length of ribbon advance.

Reference ModelСodeStrap width mmStrap thickness, mmType of strapMax strap tension, HWeight, kg
FN-114T00881019-31,080,79-1,12UMC13 35010,9
HN-1-11402705031,080,74-1,2717 2938,2

пневматический инструмент 2.170With castle pneumatic tool for steel strap most of the work is done by compressed air. This tool provides high performance when working with heavy loads, especially in situations when the locks are located in remote places, or need to achieve maximum productivity. This castle tool for packaging steel strapping is available in two basic versions: piston and diaphragm. The piston is lightweight and allows one-handed operation. Diaphragm – Designed for heavier loads.

Reference ModelСodeStrap width mmStrap thickness, mmType of strap
Type of connectionWeight, kg
RCNS2-34424200190,64-0,79UMCSingle, edge up4,1
N-1444-50LSH02427131,81,12-1,27UMCDouble crimp10
NSP-143501560031,80,79-0,89UMCSingle crimp4,1

In addition to air in «UMC» LLC customers can buy or order the service servicing of the next tool for packaging steel strapping:

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Cordless castle

The price of pneumatic tools for the steel strap corresponds to the factory price.