Manual packaging tools

Hand tool for packaging steel band consists of three types of instruments, each of which performs a specific function in the process of packing: a pair of scissors, and the tension of the castle packaging tool.

ручной инструмент - рисунок 1.1Hand Signode tensioner tool allows you to adjust the belt tension with minimal time, effort and expense of the tape itself. Tensioning Tool captures and holds tight belt tensioning roller, which allows it to remove any slack. For round and shapeless bundles is used pressure tensioning tool.

Reference ModelСodeStrap width mm Strap thickness, mm Type of strapTensionWeight, kg
GOST 3560-73,
GOST 19851-74,
GOST 503-81

ручной инструмент - рисунок 2.170For heavy loads use tensioning tool collar and pinion tensioning tool. Tensioner tool collar pulls one end of the tape on the shaft with the slot, and collar. Rack is used for round or shapeless cargo and is equipped with a toothed grip for retention tensioned belt. The length of the pull tape rack and tensioning tool with collar is limited.

Reference ModelСodeStrap width mm Strap thickness, mm Type of strap
TensionWeight, kg
GOST 3560-73,
GOST 19851-74,
GOST 503-81

ручной инструмент - рисунок 3.170Chateau hand tools, depending on the type of destination divided on the side and front. Handles lock linking the front are perpendicular to the strap. Such a tool is generally used for small loads. For heavier loads use a tool for linking the side. Lower handle of such a tool is located on the flat surface of the load, and the operator can influence their weight on the top handle.

Reference ModelСodeStrap width, mm Strap thickness, mm Type of strap
ConnectionWeight, kg
С-3820 (SRC-3820)0086009,50,43-0,51UMC,
GOST 3560-73,
GOST 19851-74,
GOST 503-81
Double (single edge up)1,4
С-1223 (SRC-1223)00860512,70,43-0,58
C-5823 (SRC-5823)00861015,90,43-0,58
C-3423 (SRC-3422)008615190,43-0,58
RCD-3431020560190,64-0,79Double edges up3,2
B-143102038031,80,74-0,79Single crimp2,7
RC-1435-5000405031,80,74-1,12Single, edge up3,2