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“Ural Metal Company” LLC manufacturer is capable in the shortest possible time to master and make the profile of any complexity, including the customer’s design.

Profile reinforcing «UMC» LLC production – is metal insert in PVC designed to enhance the designs. According to GOST reinforcement PVC windows should be steel reinforcement profile made from galvanized steel.

Standards and quality certificates

The main list of profiles produced in the «UMC» LLC for PVC windows includes: KBE, Thyssen, Veka, Rehau, Gealan. In addition to basic profiles on the «UMC» LLC mastered the production of the following types of section bars: Aluplast, Pimapen, Roplasto, Artec, Deceuninck, Gealan, Kommerling, Schuco, Dimex, Brugmann, Wymar, Trocal, TRYBA, Weltplast, Plustec, Technoplast, Spectus, OSMO, Wintech, Kaleva. All products are made with reference to paragraph 5.7 requirements. “The reinforcing inserts” GOST 30674-99 – Window blocks from PVC profiles.

Materials and dimensions

The thickness of the reinforcing profile is dependent on the requirements of the developer PVC profiles for plastic windows, but can be changed at the request of the customer.

Kinds of reinforcing profiles

Standard unlocked equilateralStandard unequalStandard closed profileC-shaped reinforcing sectionCustom profile
армирурующий профиль - незамкнутый равнополочныйThe most common type of reinforcement made of a galvanized U-shaped profile. It is widely used in reinforcement of window and facade systems, PVA, including: Rehau, Veka, Schuco, Aluplast, Gealan, Deceuninck, LG, Thyssen, Brugmann, Salamander, Artec, Wintech, Pimapen, Plustec and others. Read more
армирурующий профиль - незамкнутый неравнополочныйType of Profile reinforcing is widespread and used for PVC systems KBE. It can also be used in the reinforcement Schuko and Deceuninck. Construction material – galvanized steel 1.5-2 mm thick. Read more
армирурующий профиль - замкнутыйGalvanized square profile and rectangular cross-section provides maximum gain strength PVC structures. It is used in a variety of specialized systems, including: Aluplast, Gealan, KBE, Veka, Thyssen, Kommerling, Trocal, Wymar and others. Read more
армирующий профиль - с зазоромModel galvanized rectangular profile, in a place which provides Joining a clearance. This type of reinforcement profile is used in the following systems: KBE, Schuco, Veka, Thyssen, Artec, LG and others. Read more
армирурующий профиль - нестандартныйThis group includes a variety of galvanized steel profiles for the following: the presence of ribs, increased by bending the reinforcement of the walls and other structural solutions, including contributing to a decrease in the product price. «UMC» LLC has experience in supplying various PVC systems, including: VEKA, KBE, Brugmann, Kommerling and others. Read more

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