Steel and metalware supply

Within the complex maintenance of metal «UMC» LLC customers products provide not only supply its own products, but also products of leading manufacturers of Magnitogorsk, especially the group of companies “MMK” JSC: «MMK» and «MMK-metiz».
The presence of strong time-tested partnerships, access roads and railway tracks adjacent to the industrial area, storage space, allow to provide uninterrupted sending at prices comparable to the price list «MMK» and «MMK- metiz».
Complex supply of steel and metal products are carried out mainly among the buyers of products «UMC» LLC production. However, we are ready to consider options for the development of cooperation since the supply of rolled and wire products.
Today, the company supplies the following types of steel and metal products :

  • Flat-rolled products (including: hot rolled coil, hot rolled sheet, cold rolled coil, cold-rolled sheet);
  • Flat-rolled coated (including galvanized steel, coated rolled);
  • Long products (including wire rod, rebar, square, stripe, circle, hexagon);
  • Structural shapes (including angles, channels and beams);
  • Special profile and a profile hot-bent;
  • Rent a high-strength steel
  • Metalware products (including fasteners, rail fasteners, ropes, strap, wire, calibrated rolled metal, mesh, welding materials, fasteners).