Main characteristicлист гк

2,500 mm mill: sizes 2.0-14 x 1,219-2,300 x 2,438-6,100, 11,000-11,700 mm.
2,350 mm mill: sizes 8-30 x 1,500-2,000 x 4,000-11 700 mm.
4,500 mm mill: sizes 30-160 x 1,500-3,300 x 4,000-8,000 mm.
5,000 mm mill: sizes 8-160 х 1500-4800 х 6000-24000 mm.


In bundles up to 10 tons for sheets from the 2,500 mm mill. In bundles of up to 10 tons for sheets from the 2,350 mm mill shipped for export. Without packing for sheets from the 2,350 mm mill shipped domestically, and for sheets from the 4,500 mm mill.


On metal tags for sheets in bundles. With paint and stamping for sheets shipped without packing.

Application and dimension

ApplicationDimensions, mmSteel gradesStandards
For welded, riveted and bolted structures4 mm thick and over09G2, 09G2S, 10G2S1, 17GS, 17G1S, 10HSND, 15HSNDGOST 19281
General and special purpose4 mm thick and over08-20(kp, ps, sp), 25-45GOST 1577
General purpose4 mm thick and overSt0, St2-St5 (all degrees of oxidation)GOST 14637
under 4 mm thickSt0, St1-St3(kp, ps, sp), 08-20(kp, ps, sp), 25GOST 16523
For cold stamping4-12х1000-1750х2500-600008-20 (kp, ps, sp), 25, 08UA-20UAGOST 4041
For bridge structures4-25х1500-2000х3000-800016D, 10HSND, 15HSND GOST 6713
For shipbuilding4-25х1500-2000х3000-8000(РС)А, (РС)В, (РС)D, (РС)A32,(РС)D32, (РС)A36, (РС)D36Technical conditions 14-101-334
4-25х1500-2000х3000-8000(РС)А, (РС)В, (РС)D, (РС)A32,(РС)D32, (РС)A36, (РС)D36GOST 5521
For manufacturing parts of boilers and pressure vessels61-160х1500-2700х4000-800020КTechnical conditions 14-1-3922
4-100х1500-2700х2438-800015K-22K, 09G2S, 16GS, 17GS, 17G1SGOST 5520
For cold stamping6,0-8,5х1000-1600х3000-600015Technical conditions 14-101-447
4,5-8,0х280-520х2500-600008UA, 15kp, 20kp, 20Technical conditions 14-1-3684
For welded pipes8-14х1500-1650х11500-1200005G1BTechnical conditions 14-101-515
7-14х1600-2000х1150012GS, 17GS, 17G1STechnical conditions 14-1-1921
8-12х1570-1629х11500-1200012G2SBTechnical conditions 14-101-494
7-14х1250-1650х11000-1180017G1S-UTechnical conditions 14-1-1950
2-14х1250-1700х4000-1180017GS, 17G1S, 22GUTechnical conditions 14-106-502
8х1629х1150013G1S-UTechnical conditions 14-1-3636
6-14х1250-1750х8000-1200009GSFSTO MMK 221
7х1632х11500-1200013G1S-UTechnical conditions 14-101-423
2,5-14х1250-1700х4000-1180022GUTechnical conditions 14-101-448
7,0-10,3х2000-2100х1200013G1S-UTechnical conditions 14-101-437
General purpose2,0-10,0х1219-1830х2438-6096SAE1006, ... SAE1025ASTM A568/A568M и ASTM A635/A635M
For welded, riveted and bolted structures2,0-10,0х1219-1830х2438-6096St37-2, St44-2, St44-3, St52-3, RSt37-2DIN 17100
2,0-10,0х1219-1830х2438-6096A36-1, A36-2ASTM A36/A36M
2,0-10,0х1219-1830х2438-6096SS330, SS400-1, SS400-2JIS G 3101
For welded pipes2,0-10,0х1219-1830х2438-6096A25, A, B, X42, X52, X46, X56, X60, X65API 5L
For construction2,0-6,0х1219-1524х2438-6096 Gr.30, Gr.33, Gr.36, Gr.45, Gr.40, Gr.50, Gr.55 ASTM A570/A570M
For welded, riveted and bolted structures10-60х1500-2000х6000-8000S235(JR, J0, JRG2, J2G4), S275(JR, J2G4, J0,)EN 10025
2,0-10,0х1219-1830х2438-6096S235(JR, J0, JRG2, J2G4), S275(JR, J2G4, J0,), S355(JR, J2G4, J0, K2G4)EN 10025
10-60х1500-2000х6000-8000St37-2, RSt37-2, St44-2, St52-3DIN 17100
For fabrication by stamping, bending and welding2-10х1219-1685х2500-6000А569CAN/CSA
For general and construction purposes4-12х1020-1829х2500-6000300WASTM A569/A569M
For shipbuilding4-25х1250-2000х2500-8000GL-A, GL-B, GL-D, GL-A32, GL-A36, GL-D32, GL-D36Lloyd register
For high-load auto components4-7х135-235х3000-600022Г2Technical conditions 14-1-523
For manufacturing auto parts4-7х120-415х3000-600020Technical conditions 14-1-522
2-9х120-500х2500-600008kp, 08ps, 08UTechnical conditions 14-1-524
For auto wheel disks5,5-9,0х400-450х590008UA, 15psTechnical conditions 14-101-477
For chain parts4,6; 5,4; 6,2х1200-1500х3000-350030HGSATechnical conditions 14-101-464
For trunk pipeline fittings12-28 x 1,300-2,000 x 6,000-11,80010G2FBUTechnical conditions 14-101-462
General purpose60-140х1500-1700х2500-670010HSND, 09G2STechnical conditions 14-101-392
10-130 x 1,500-2,000 x 4,000-8,000St3GpsV, St3GspVTechnical conditions 14-105-644

Final sizes and specifications to be agreed upon while contract execution.