Main characteristicsлист хк

2,500 mm mill: sizes 0.6-3.0 x 1,000-2,300 x 1,800-4,500 mm.
Reversing mill: 0.6-3.0 x 1,000-1,700 x 1,800х4,500 mm.
1200 mm mill: 0.3-0.6 x 710-830 x 1,420 mm (roofing sheet).


In bundles up to 10 tons.


On paper stickers.

Application and dimensions

ApplicationSteel gradesDimensions, mmStandards
Roofing sheet08 (kp, ps)0,3-0,6х710-830х1420Technical Conditions 14-11-262
General purposeSt0, St1-St3(kp, ps, sp), 08-20(kp, ps, sp), 25according GOSTGOST 16523
For cold stamping08kp, 08ps, 08UGOST 9045
For enameling08ps, 08UR0,6-1,5х1000-1400Technical Conditions 14-101-321
General purpose, cold stamping and coatingSPCC, SPCD, SPCE0,6-3,0х1000-1800JIS G 3141
St12, USt13, St14, RRSt13, RRST37-3, St37-2, USt37-2, и St44-30,6-3,0х1000-1800DIN 1623
For fabrication by bending, slight drawing, forming and weldingSAE1006, SAE 1008, SAE1012, SAE1010, SAE 10090,6-3,0х1000-1800ASTM A366
For cold stampingFeP01, FeP04, FeP03, 0,6-3,0х1000-1800EN 10130
General purpose and cold stamping0,6-2,5х1000-180008UV, 08psVTechnical Conditions 14-101-390

Final sizes and specifications to be agreed upon while contract execution.