Main characteristicsкатанка

Diameter – 5.5-16 mm.
Coil’s internal diameter: 850 mm.
Coil’s external diameter: 1,250 mm.


In coils weight up to 2.2 tons.


On metal tags.

Application and dimension

ApplicationSteel gradesDimensions, mmStandards
For wire manufactureSWRM (4; 6; 6K; 8; 8K; 10; 10K; 12; 12K; 15; 15K; 17; 17K; 20; 20K; 22; 22K5,5-16JIS G 3505-1996
For wire drawing and other applicationSAE 1006-1080, SAE 1108-1151, SAE 1211-1215, SAE 1513-15725,5-16ASTM A510M
For electrode rod manufactureSWRY 21, SWRY 115,5-9JIS G 3505-1980
For wire drawing and other applicationsSt0, St1-St3 (of all deoxidation degrees)5,5-9GOST 30136
For manufacture of Class B500C cold deformed bars(В500С)1sp-2sp5,5-9Technical Conditions 14-101-501-2006
For self-tapping screw wire manufactureCQ226,5Technical Conditions 14-101-581
For manufacture of welding wire and electrodes made of low-alloyed steelsv-08, sv-08А, sv-08АА, sv-08GA and others5,5-9Technical Conditions 14-1-4760
For manufacture of welding wire and electrodes made of alloyed steelsv-08G2S and others5,5-6,5Technical Conditions 14-1-4782
For manufacture of steel wire cord70-85 cord5,5-9Technical Conditions 14-101-659-2007
For manufacture of steel ropes35-85, 60G-70G5,5-9Technical Conditions 14-1-5317
For manufacture of high-duty wire made of high-carbon steel45-855,5-9Technical Conditions 14-101-582-2009

Final sizes and specifications to be agreed upon while contract execution.