Main characteristicsоцинковка

1200 mill: sheets 0.55-1.5 mm thick with sizes 1,000 x 2,000, 1,219 x 2,438 and 1,250 x 2,500 mm.
1202 mill: coils and sheets with sizes 0.4-2.0 x 1,000-1,650 x 1,500-6,000 mm. Coil internal diameter: 508 or 610 mm


Coils’ weight up to 16 tons, or sheets in bundles up to 10 tons.


On paper stickers.

Application and dimension

ApplicationSteel gradesDimensions, mmStandards
For manufacturing auto bodies006/IF-BH, hot dip galvanized, with BH effect0,7-1,5х1000-1500Technical Conditions 14-101-517
006/IF (Galvanil)0,6-1,5х1000-1500Technical Conditions 14-101-508
006/IF0,6-1,5х1000-1500Technical Conditions 14-101-497
General purpose, for painting, for cold forming, for cold stamping.08 (kp, ps), 08U0.5-2.0 mm thickGOST 14918
Zinc or iron-zinc coating for general purposeCS, DDS, FS, EDSS, SS230, SS275, SS255According StandardsASTM A654-99
S220GD, S280GD, S250GDAccording StandardsEN 10147:1995
DX51D, DX53D, DX52D, DX56DDX54D,According StandardsEN 10142:2000

Final sizes and specifications to be agreed upon while contract execution.