Main characteristicsполоса

Length: 5,000 – 12,000 mm. Thickness and width presented in the table below. flat bar with dimension 4-6 x 20-45 mm produced on 370 mm mill, everything else on 450 mm mill.

Thickness, mm11-4011-2511-1812-1820-5620-50
Width, mm60-8085-95100-120125100-110120-125
Thickness, mm10-4510-4014-4014-2020-3610-25
Width, mm130-140150-160170180190200


In bundles up to 8 t.


On metal tags.

Application and dimension

ApplicationSteel gradesDimensions, mmStandards
For bridge structures16D, 10HSND, 15HSNDstrip from 450 mm millGOST 6713
For springs and other parts of machines and mechanisms used in hardened or tempered state65-70, 60G-70G, 55S2, 60S2, 60S2Astrip from 450 mm millGOST 14959
General and special applications15H – 45H, 15G – 50G, 15G2 – 50G2allGOST 4543
08-50, 08-20kpallGOST 1050
15H – 45H, 15G – 50G, 15G2 – 50G2allGOST 535
For hot working08kp – 20kpup to 50 mm thickTechnical Conditions 14-1-1700
20HGSNM20-42х125-180Technical Conditions 14-1-2320
For shipbuildingРСА, РСA32, РСВ, РСD, РСD32as per Technical ConditionsTechnical Conditions 14-101-334
GOST 5521
For plate springs60S2, 60S2A, 60S2HА20x120Technical Conditions 14-101-482
For tractor plate springs60S2HА25, 35, 44 х152152x105x35x14Technical Conditions 14-101-225
For hot stamping40G1R36x107, 36x107, 36х110Technical Conditions 14-101-185

Final sizes and specifications to be agreed upon while contract execution.