Main characteristicsполимерный прокат

– produced in coils
– thickness: 0.2- 1.2 mm for cold rolled substrate, and 0.4 – 1.2 mm for hot dip galvanized substrate.
– width: 700-1,650 mm
Coil diameter: internal – 508; 610+20, external – 950-2,200


Coils’ weight up to 5-15 tons.

Application and dimension:

Coating type and materialTypeTypical coating thickness, µМTypical coating thickness range, µМ
Polyvinylchloride plastisolPVS(P)100; 20040-200
Polyvnylidene fluoridePVDF2520-60
Polyamide modified polyurethanePUR-PA2510-50
Acryl siliconAY-SI2525
Silicon modified polyesterSP-SI2515-40
Polyamide modified polyesterSP-PA2515-50

Coating colors are selected based on RAL Classic or RAL Design color charts.

By type of steel substrate:

Type of base metalStandardsSteel grades and types
Cold rolled steelGOST 13345ChZHk
GOST 16523K260V, K270V, K310V, K330V, K350V, K390V, K490V, OK360V, OK370V
GOST 9045extra deep drawing quality
EN 10130DC01, DC03, DC04
TU 14-101-496deep drawing, extra deep drawing and super deep drawing quality
Cold rolled hot dip galvanized steelGOST 14918drawing classes VG, G, N, HP
TU 14-101-497deep drawing, extra deep drawing and super deep drawing quality
EN 10147S220GD+Z, S250GD+Z, S280GD+Z
EN 10142DX51D+Z, DX53D+Z, DX54D+Z, DX52D+Z, DX56D+Z