Pipe typeThickness, mmNominal bore, mmSteel grades
Gas and water steel pipe3; 3,5; 4; 4,540; 50; 65; 80; 90; 100; 12508; 10; 15; 20; 25; 30; 35; 40
45; 50; 55; 58(55пп); 60

Gas and water steel pipe GOST 3262-75

Price: 0 $/per ton

Gas and water steel pipe is produced in accordance with GOST 3262-75 “Water and gas line steel pipes. Specifications.” Pipe is produced of galvanized and non-galvanized strip of own production.

* – Price is indicated only for small-scale wholesale and Ex-Works shipping( minimum value – 1 package). Loading characteristics, weight and length of pipe are presented at “Packing” tab. Express shipping of water and gas pipe is possible only for positions presented at “In stock” tab. Lower price shipment is possible for products, presented at “illiquid assets” tab. The price for batches from 20 tones is agreed individually.

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партнеры -труба стальная


Gas and water pipe produced by the company in zinkcoated and noncoated types.

Steel grades

Gas and water pipe is produced of steel grades as per GOST 380-2005 “Common quality carbon steel. Grades” and GOST 1050-2013 “Metal products from no-alloyed structural quality and special steels. General specification”.

Pipe intended for production of gas and water system parts is produced only of steel grades as per GOST 1050-2013.

Compliance certificate

водогазопроводные, стальные трубы, электросварные трубы профильные (квадратные, прямоугольные) производительProduction of gas and water pipe is carried out at the electric pipe-welding mill “40-140” of the South Korean company “JUNGWOO EMC CO., Ltd”. The quality of UMC gas and water pipe is confirmed by the compliance certificate GOST 3262-75. On customer’s requirement UMC LLC can carry out other additional quality tests.

Integrated Management System

качественные трубы и ленты стальные сертификатThe company has developed and implemented an integrated management system (IMS), confirmed by the compliance certificate. The certificate confirms that water and gas steel pipe is produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), GOST R 54934-2012 (OHSAS 18001:2007), GOST (ISO 14001:2004).

Weld seam test

Weld seam test of water and gas steel pipes is carried out at electric magnaflux plant UMD-101M. Plant operation principle is based on creating of static magnetic field in tested objet and transformation of the field changes (leakage) into electric signal – defect signal. The leakage is generated by geometric and electromagnetic oscillations of the system “converter-product”, i.e. by defects such as steel discontinuity (see pict. 1).

Defect detector works in continuously-automated operating mode and while pipe moves it carries out non-destructive control testing of weld discontinuity, it also registers defects and informs the operator about the quality of weld seam, its deseaming and geometry. Immediate receiving of information shows the welder correctness or incorrectness of pipe forming and welding operation.

схема намагничивания


UMC LLC produces gas and water steel pipe of following sizes:

Nominal boreOuter diameter, mmPipe wall thickness, mm

On customer’s requirement light pipe intended for thread rolling can be produced of weight and size according to the following table:

Nominal boreOuter diameter, mmPipe wall thickness, mm

Not presented dimensions of gas and water pipe can be agreed individually.

Dimension tolerances are regulated by par. 1.3 of GOST 3262-75.

Mechanical properties

Water and gas steel pipe GOST 3262-75 is produced without regulated chemical composition and mechanical properties.

Mechanical properties of the steel as per GOST 1050-2013 used for water and gas pipe production meet the characteristics presented in the table:

Steel gradesMechanical properties, not less
Yield tensile point, σт N/mm2(kgf/mm2)Tensile strength σв N/mm2 (kgf/mm2)
Percentage of elongation δ, %Percentage of necking ψ, %

Packaging material

Black packaging steel strap (waxed and painted) 32*0,8 mm. Packing interval – 0,5 m from package end and further on at the distance of at least 1,5 m. Packing is carried out by import equipment Signode, providing ideal tension and package safety. Product transportation is possible without using bolsters. On the customer’s agreement pipe can be oiled.

Package length: 6; 11,7 and 12m (other dimensions can be agreed individually).

Package weight and dimensions:

Pipe diameter, mmPackage size, mm/packing scheme, (pcs)Number of pieces in one package, pcsTotal pipe length of 11,7 m length package l.m.Package weight, kg, thickness variations
2 mm3 mm3,5 mm4 mm4,5 mm
40(48)528х464 (6-7-8-9-10-11-10-9-8-7-6)911065241735454088
50(60)540х476 (5-6-7-8-9-8-7-6-5)617142041301234833954
65(76)532х471 (4-5-6-7-6-5-4)37432,9233827103074
80(89)632х551,5 (4-5-6-7-6-5-4)37432,9275331953628
90(102)510х455 (3-4-5-4-3)19222162718902150
100(114)570х509 (3-4-5-4-3)19222212124012701
125(140)700х625 (3-4-5-4-3)19222260129793343


Pipe products resulting from strip welding are called electric-welded. Round electric-welded pipe is also often called gas and water pipe, as it is widely used in heating, gas and water systems. With few exceptions, pipe manufacturers produce longitudinal electric-welded pipes. Round pipes of minor diameter can be produced thin-walled or casing thick-walled. The price on electric-welded pipe mainly depends on price and demand of hot-rolled strip.

Application field

Pipe products are used in different industrial spheres: machinery; furniture and metalware production; construction etc. However, the main application is transportation of liquid and gas substances: water for drinking and heating, hydrocarbon and other chemical agents. Pipeline systems are very efficient for liquid transportation because of their strong ability to withstand pressure up to 16 mPa.


Longitudinal electric-welded pipes as per GOST 10705-80 and 10704-91 are also known as water and gas pipes. However, it is correct to say water and gas pipe in relation to the pipe GOST 3262-75. Water and gas pipe GOST 10704-91 in comparison to the pipe GOST 3262-75 has outer diameter dimensionality, rather than nominal bore dimensionality.