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Shaped pipes – square and rectangular

Production and technological capabilitiesэлектросварные трубы профильные (квадратные, прямоугольные) производитель, труба квадратная, труба прямоугольная

Profile pipes produced by «UMC» LLC is made on the electric pipe-welding mill “48-140” of the South Korean company «JUNGWOO EMC CO., Ltd, an annual output of up to 130 000 tons per year. The plant is a compulsory testing of the weld seam.

«UMC» LLC Pipe production products can be supplied in the form of a rectangular or square shaped pipe. The price of the profiled pipes depends on the volume of supply, prices for hot-rolled strip and order size.

Standards, Certification and Quality

At «UMC» LLC, the consumer can buy a pipe manufactured in accordance with the following guests:

  • by assortment GOST 8639-82 – square pipe
  • by assortment GOST 8645-68 – rectangular pipe
  • Technical requirements GOST 13663-86 – shaped pipes


Types of pipes manufacturing:

– Made of carbon steel grades St1sp, St1ps, St1kp, St2sp, St2ps, St2kp, St3sp, St3ps, St3kp, St4sp, St4ps, St4kp GOST 380, marks 08, 08ps, 08kp, 10, 10ps, 10PP, 15, 15 ps, 15kp , 20, 20ps, 20kp, 35, 45 according to GOST 1050, 08U mark GOST 9045;
– Alloy steel grades 09G2, 09G2S, 10HSND according to GOST 19281, 10G2 and 30KhGSA grades according to GOST 4543.

The mechanical properties of steel square profiled pipes in accordance with GOST 8639-82 and GOST 8645-68 rectangular – produced teaching materials based on the technical requirements of GOST 13663-86 for non-heat treated pipes:

Steel gradeTensile strength Rm, N / mm2 (kgf / mm2), not less thanElongation δ5,%, not less
08U294 (30)14
08, 08ps, 08kp314 (32)13
st1sp, st1ps, st1kp333 (34)11
st1sp, st1ps, st1kp353 (36)10
st1sp, st1ps, st1kp363 (37)10
st1sp, st1ps, st1kp372 (38)10
10, 10ps, 10kp353 (36)10
15, 15ps, 15kp372 (38)10
20, 20ps, 20kp372 (38)10


Today profiled pipe on «UMC» LLC produced, square section 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 mm (more “rectangular pipe GOST 8645“) and a rectangular cross section from 25×50 up to 140×60 mm (more “square pipe GOST 8639“).