Pipe typeThickness, mmNominal bore, mmSteel grades
Square pipe1,5; 2; 2,5; 3; 3,5; 440х40; 50х50; 60х60; 80х80 and 100х100St1; St2; St3; St4; 08; 10; 15; 20; 35; 45; 08u;
09G2; 09G2S etc.

Square shaped steel pipe GOST 8639-82

Price: 0 $/per ton

Square shaped steel pipe is produced of size ranges in accordance with GOST 8639-82 “Square steel pipe. Assortment”, and of mechanical properties in accordance with GOST 13663-86 “Shaped steel pipe. Specifications”. Pipe is produced of galvanized and non-galvanized strip of own production.

* – Price is indicated only for small-scale wholesale and Ex-Works shipping( minimum value – 1 package). Loading characteristics, weight and length of pipe are presented at “Packing” tab. Express shipping of pipe is possible only for positions presented at “In stock” tab. Lower price shipment is possible for products, presented at “illiquid assets” tab. The price for batches from 20 tones is agreed individually.

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Square shaped pipe produced by the company in zinkcoated and noncoated types.

Steel grades

Steel grades used for square shaped pipe production are regulated with GOST 13663-86. According to technical requirements of normative documents pipe is produced:

– as per GOST 380-2005 of carbon steel grades St1sp, St1ps, St1kp, St2sp, St2ps, St2kp, St3sp, St3ps, St3kp, St4sp, St4ps, St4kp;
– as per GOST 9045-93 of steel grade 08u;
– as per GOST 1050-2013 of steel grades 08, 08ps, 08kp, 10, 10ps, 10kp, 15, 15ps, 15kp, 20, 20ps, 20kp, 35, 45;
– as per GOST 19281-2014 of steel grades 09G2, 09G2SС, 10HSND;
– as per GOST 4543-71 – 10ГG2 and 30HGSA.

Compliance certificate

электросварные трубы профильные (квадратные, прямоугольные) производительProduction of square steel pipe is carried out at the electric pipe-welding mill “40-140” of the South Korean company “JUNGWOO EMC CO., Ltd”. The quality of UMC square steel pipe is confirmed by the compliance certificates GOST 8639-82 and GOST 13663-86.

Integrated Management System

качественные трубы и ленты стальные сертификатThe company has developed and implemented an integrated management system (IMS), confirmed by the compliance certificate. The certificate confirms that square shaped steel pipe GOST 8639-82 (GOST 13663-86) is produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), GOST R 54934-2012 (OHSAS 18001:2007), GOST (ISO 14001:2004).

Weld seam test

Weld seam test of shaped steel pipes is carried out at electric magnaflux plant UMD-101M. Plant operation principle is based on creating of static magnetic field in tested objet and transformation of the field changes (leakage) into electric signal – defect signal. The leakage is generated by geometric and electromagnetic oscillations of the system “converter-product”, i.e. by defects such as steel discontinuity (see pict. 1).

Defect detector works in continuously-automated operating mode and while pipe moves it carries out non-destructive control testing of weld discontinuity, it also registers defects and informs the operator about the quality of weld seam, its deseaming and geometry. Immediate receiving of information shows the welder correctness or incorrectness of pipe forming operation and welding of shaped pipes.

схема намагничивания


Dimensions of UMC square shaped pipe:

Outer diameter, mmWall thickness, mmSectional area, cm2Weight of 1 m, kgInertia moment, cm3
Resistance moment, cm4, Wx=Wy

Not presented dimensions of square shaped pipe can be agreed individually.
Dimension tolerances are regulated by par. 6 of GOST 8639-82.

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties of square shaped pipe are regulated with GOST 13663-86.
Depending on the application pipe is produced of the following groups:

А with regulated mechanical properties of material used for shaped pipe production (in accordance with the following table);
В with regulated mechanical properties (in accordance with the following table) and regulated steel chemical composition as per GOST 380-2005, 1050-2013, 4543-71, 9045-93 and 19281-2014.

Steel gradesTensile strength σв, N/mm2 (kgf/mm2), not less thanPercentage of elongation δ5, %, not less than
08u294 (30)14
08, 08ps, 08kp314 (32)13
st1sp, st1ps, st1kp333 (34)11
st1sp, st1ps, st1kp353 (36)10
st1sp, st1ps, st1kp363 (37)10
st1sp, st1ps, st1kp372 (38)10
10, 10ps, 10kp353 (36)10
15, 15ps, 15kp372 (38)10
20, 20ps, 20kp372 (38)10

Packaging material

Black packaging steel strap (waxed and painted) 32*0,8 mm. Packing interval – 0,5 m from package end and further on at the distance of at least 1,5 m. Packing is carried out by import equipment Signode, providing ideal tension and package safety. Product transportation is possible without using bolsters. While transporting recently produced pipes, one shall take into account that all shaped pipes are thoroughly oiled.

Package length: 6; 11,7 and 12m (other dimensions can be agreed individually).

Package weight and dimensions:

Pipe/closed profile typePackage size, mm (pcs)Number of pieces in one package, pcsTotal pipe length of 6 m length package l.m.Package weight, tn, thickness variations
2 mm3 mm4 mm
40х40480х480 (12х12)1448642,0132,9033,724
50х50500х500 (10х10)1006001,7762,5863,336
60х60480х480 (8х8)643841,3792,0162,619
80х80480х480 (6х6)362163,084,031
100х100500х500 (5х5)251502,7063,552


Shaped steel pipe is one of the steel product types used as a construction material. The assortment of produced pipes includes profiles of different shapes, but the most popular are square pipe and rectangular pipe. Plasticity properties of the steel used in pipe production, allows to produce folded shaped pipes. Special mills and equipment – pipe benders – are used for bending. Galvanized shaped steel pipe is a product manufactured of cold-rolled galvanized steel.

Application field

Main application of shaped pipes is steel products manufacturing. Shaped pipes are used for building of different constructions: farms, gates, greenhouses, sheds etc. Besides they can be also used for making such objects as: bench, stairs, summerhouse, wicket, fence and so on.


Main application of shaped pipes is connected with sustainable resistance to lateral loads. Planes situating perpendicularly to the pressure direction can provide higher resistance to pressure. This property makes profiled pipes more convenient in comparison with flexible round pipes. In case if the pressure direction is already known the strength characteristics of the pipe can be strengthened in advance by using rectangular section instead of square one. Generally it turns out that when using these pipe types in building structures specific consumption of steel materials can be reduced as well as costs. Another advantage is more stable attachment of various building materials to a smooth plane.